New Age Oilfield Services has been an integral part of the ongoing oil sands development for over a decade, and is involved in many ongoing steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) projects, providing and installing downhole temperature and pressure sensors.


We manufacture our own thermocouples in our Leduc facility, using Canadian materials supplied from MI Cable Technologies Inc. in Calgary. Our sensors are built using multiple lengths of type K mineral insulated cables (316SSL) spliced together to deliver the desired final product to our clients. MI cable has high mechanical durability and has been a proven technology for decades.

Since 2012, New Age has been the industry leader in manufacturing of downhole temperature sensors for many SAGD applications such as combo bubble tube/thermocouple lines, single or duplex TCs, or multi-point thermocouple bundles (up to 40 temperature reading points). The level of accuracy you will find with our thermocouples is +/- 2.2°C, or 0.75% of full scale.

From our services background, we have created unique manufacturing methods that have made our product more durable and easier to install onsite for our crews, thus saving our customers money and limiting risk exposure time.

Each downhole thermocouple system can be custom manufactured to best suit your application, from a single point up to 40 temperature points. We can build it how you need it. During the manufacturing phase, each building stage experiences multiple levels of quality control checks, all recorded to create a final QC report for our customers for each product line prior to the goods leaving our facility. We offer a one year warranty on our products from the time of installation.

We are committed to providing high-quality sensors, and our quality assurance program ensures that our sensors comply with industry quality standards. We also offer in-house testing, troubleshooting, and repair of damaged thermocouples.

Temperature Sensor Array

The New Age Temperature Array (TSA) consists of a series of temperature measurement points (thermocouples) contained inside a steel, small diameter (capillary) tubing. All measurement points remain dry and isolated from the process fluids around the tubing. Due to the very small diameter of the wires, many measurement points can be created at pre-determined intervals along the length of the tubing.

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