Surface Equipment

New Age Oilfield has a close working relationship with Dycor Technologies. Together, we offer turnkey packages for observation well data requisition systems. The panels are equipped with pre-programmed data loggers (done in house), radio, and cellular or satellite communication, and are solar powered. Panels measure many different sensors such thermocouples, piezometers, and other digital gauges. We also offer a fully automated bubble tube panel for measuring downhole pressure using a capillary line. We work collaboratively to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality systems at a competitive price and with on time delivery.

Our engineering department take the time to understand your requirements and generate a unique program required for your specific application.


New Age offers its unique engineered free-hanging pack-off assembly for observation wells rated to 3ksi at 250°C. This system was designed to create an ease for our customers to install and remove TC bundles during logging programs.

Conax style pack-off fittings supplied by New Age come in multiple configurations, for single or multi-lines applications (split or non-split arrangements), different process connections (NPT threads), diverse sealants based on the temperature (Viton, Teflon or graphoil), and body material specification. All fittings are pressure and temperature rated.

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Conax Fitting

Conax-Fitting-2 Instrumentation Components

Panel with Data Takers

Panel-with-Data-Takers Instrumentation Components

Surface Data Acquisition Solar Package

Surface-Data-Acquisition-Solar-Package Instrumentation Components

OBS Well Packoff

OBS-Well-Packoff Instrumentation Components