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New Age Oilfield Services Inc. is a diversified Alberta based oilfield services provider primarily serving Western Canada’s oil and gas producers. New Age was the first company in Alberta to offer chemical injection systems, followed by electric submersible pump services, downhole instrumentation, and trucking & picker services. Founded in 2004, New Age is a one-stop oilfield company, providing a wide range of products and services to its customers. Some of New Age’s many competitive advantages are the ability to remain adaptable and provide solution-focused products and services, as proven by its longstanding and ongoing relationships with customers.

As a premier oilfield services company, New Age differentiates itself from its competitors through innovation. On top of the excellent quality and services provided, we are well-known throughout the industry as a leading-edge company committed to continuous improvement. We pride ourselves in designing innovative components to fill gaps in the market, thus improving oilfield operations. In 2017, we officially opened an in-house engineering department, dedicated to designing and creating new products in response to customer needs. This initiative showcases the continued emphasis New Age places on finding solutions for its valued customers.

We have built a reputation as a versatile service provider, with services ranging from oilfield design and manufacturing, to installation and sales. Customers return to New Age consistently due to its convenient one-stop shop model, which offers a diverse range of products and services that satisfies customer needs all in one place. New Age measures its success by its on-site performance and ability to meet and satisfy these customer demands.

New Age is located in two prime locations—the head office, including shop and manufacturing, is a brand new facility centrally located in Leduc, Alberta. The sales office is conveniently located in Calgary, Alberta.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be a recognized team player in the industry. Backed by the products, services, and resources of New Age Oilfield Services, we are committed to providing the highest quality service, meeting and exceeding customer service requirements and expectations. We support and encourage the continuous growth and development of our employees, customers, and suppliers to increase value for all our affiliations.

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