Since 2017, New Age Oilfield’s engineering department has led to rapid and significant improvements in our ability to respond to our customer’s needs. Whether it is modifications to existing equipment or new equipment design, our customers’ needs are met with exacting precision. Using class-leading solid modelling and analysis software, vast improvements have been made in equipment and process efficiencies. Our in-house engineering expertise spans decades of experience:

  • Mechanical design of downhole tools
  • Reservoir surveillance systems and deployment techniques, including permanent systems for casing-side monitoring
  • Experimental design and testing systems
  • Structural design and machine component design
  • Design of pressure vessels and pressurized systems
  • Software development and electronic integration (control systems)
  • Configuration and programming of various interrogators/logging systems for instrumentation

The result? In response to customer inquiries, we have designed and fabricated several new equipment packages custom tailored to address our clients’ needs. Rapid prototyping and new product development has been an ongoing result of our engineering efforts, ranging from wellhead pack-off solutions for instrumentation, to task-specific hand tools such as tubing straighteners, to the development of patented equipment to keep downhole control line fittings secure and leak-free. These are just a few examples out of many that are generated from listening to our clients and responding to their needs.

Service Request:

    Gas-Lift-Sub-Pressure-Test-Chamber Engineering
    Shower-Head-Assembly Engineering
    Customized-Lifting-Clamp Engineering
    OBS-Well-Pack-Off-System Engineering

    Stress Analysis

    Stress-Analysis Engineering

    Linear Screw Ratchet

    Linear-Screw-Ratchet Engineering

    Patent Pending Locking Sleeve

    Patent-Pending-Locking-Sleeve Engineering

    Patent Pending Locking Sleeve

    Patent-Pending-Locking-Sleeve-1 Engineering