Maximize your investment and rely on New Age Oilfield for clamp refurbishment and inventory management. This in-house service is located in our Leduc facility, and is offered on both clamp products we represent (Cannon & JHK). We refurbish the clamps by cleaning, sandblasting (if required), resizing, and applying corrosion coating to keep the clamps lubricated and protected. During these steps, we will also inspect each clamp to ensure they are ready for reinstallation into the existing or next designated well.

New Age also offers:

  • Clamp, cable with additional line make up and fit testing
  • Clamp, cable with additional line digital slippage testing

These quality performance tests are completed in-house for both new and/or used clamps.

Our facility has been approved by both Forum Cannon Services and JHK Oilfield Products to design, sell, distribute, and refurbish their cross coupling and mid-joint tubing protectors.

New Age can also pick up or deliver your clamp inventory anywhere you need them to go via our transport division.

For more information on how we can maximize your clamp investment, please contact us.

Service Request:

    Cannon Clamp Refurbishment

    Cannon-Clamp-Refurbishment Clamp Refurbishment

    JHK Clamp Refurbishment

    JHK-Clamp-Refurbishment Clamp Refurbishment

    JHK Clamp Rebuild

    JHK-Clamp-Rebuild Clamp Refurbishment

    Cannon Clamps Resize

    Cannon-Clamps-Resize Clamp Refurbishment